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Old 02-14-2018, 02:10 PM
rastus rastus is offline
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Default Joyous Lake drums

I hope this isn't a repeat. I just saw these on craigslist Seattle.

6 piece African Padauk solid stave set that is really beautiful. Bennett's Drum Studio has them.

There's 14 pictures on the craigslist page.

I can't afford to buy them but I can afford to go look.
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Old 02-14-2018, 10:54 PM
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Default Re: Joyous Lake drums

Percussive Art! Stunning!!!
Not a Guru... just interested..
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Old 02-15-2018, 08:37 AM
grantro grantro is offline
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Cool Re: Joyous Lake drums

Wood lugs look cool!!

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Old 02-15-2018, 11:28 AM
TheElectricCompany TheElectricCompany is offline
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Default Re: Joyous Lake drums

Man, those things are U-G-L-Y.

Currently looking for a 3-ply 24x14 Ludwig in champagne sparkle w/rail consolette and cymbal mount!
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Old 02-23-2018, 07:05 PM
drumfx drumfx is offline
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Default Re: Joyous Lake drums

Originally Posted by TheElectricCompany View Post
Man, those things are U-G-L-Y.
Keep fixing them up...
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Old 02-25-2018, 11:49 PM
O-Lugs O-Lugs is offline
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Default Re: Joyous Lake drums

I remember Scott and some of his snare drums when he worked at American Music. These drums are the real deal -made by a guy who obviously couldn't make it as a drum "business" because what he made was closer to sculpture. I wanted one of his drums a lot, but they were just too expensive for my budget and I would have had to handle the drum with museum gloves on all the time! If you ever saw this stuff IRL, then you wouldn't ever want to really hit them. You'd just lightly tap on them and then put them back into the sanitized storage chamber! LOL -jk....but not.

Great to see these! It takes me back. I hope Scott is doing well.
"God is dead." -Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead." -God
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