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Old 06-28-2020, 01:57 PM
surfdrummer01 surfdrummer01 is online now
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Default Beware of this seller!!!

Please be aware of Tom Newton of Hardwick Massachusetts. This guy is a dirty double dealer! Please dont waste your time with this guy. Heres the story. Late yesterday he posts a clean mij set on facebook marketplace.I send a message last night asking if its available and telling him that I got ca$h in hand. Early this morning at 6am he responds telling me it is available and he gives me his address in Hardwick Massachusetts about an hour away from me in Connecticut. I immediately respond telling him im about a hour away giving him a ETA In between 8and 9 am. At that time i gass up the truck and haul ass up there arriving promptly at 8:30. I knock on the door and this JERK looks like he just saw a ghost and he tells me that he just sold it. minutes before. i go but we texted! and he says its first come first serve. Its JERKS like this that make the vintage drum game not fun. So i got 2 hrs wasted and a half of tank of gas gone! So please if anyone comes across any postings from Tom Newton of Hardwick Massachusetts please ignore. The man is a 1st class A hole!!!!

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Old 06-28-2020, 05:54 PM
teverson-sr teverson-sr is offline
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Default Re: Beware of this seller!!!

Why couldn't he have told the other guy they were sold and he could have second dibs? too bad...A better set will come along...
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Old 06-29-2020, 07:05 PM
pgm554 pgm554 is offline
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Default Re: Beware of this seller!!!

I had the same thing happen with price.
CL listee has price for a set of cymbals.
Calls me and says somebody else says they'll pay more.
He tries to jack price up and I tell him go take a hike.
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Old 07-01-2020, 02:36 PM
wayne wayne is offline
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Default Re: Beware of this seller!!!

At least you know where this bottom feeder lives now.
Hit like you mean it!!
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