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Old 04-18-2011, 11:28 AM
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Post Air Hole Badge Grommet Installation

Since much of what I gained was from this site, I thought I might share my success with my recent Air hole/Badge installation.

I have a 1963 Pioneer snare shell that I plan to use to build a replica of the snare from my first drum set:
- It was an early 60's Ludwig Club Date kit in BDP with nickle plated hardware. I have sourced the wrap and have the badge from the 63 pioneer, also have a few other bits needed.

In the mean time, I decided to take practice for this project by rewrapping my DIY electronic snare in BDP and install a vintage Ludwig air hole and badge.

I did a bit of internet research, found this forum as well as some eBay stuff, and some other drum restoration sites.

I finally bought some hardware parts and assembled my own flange and compressing tool. The installation results were excellent, and repeatable.
e-drum Inside Lip:
e-Drum Presentation:

A step by step pictorial essay with documentation on using my DIY tool can be found via my posting at:

My e-drum update came out great. However the inside of my grommet, although perfectly smooth, tight and even, it is compressed flat to the shell. This is fine for my e-drums, but not so fine for an original type grommet installation where the inside edge of the grommet seems to have a rolled edge vs flat

I found this tool on ebay:

sold by these two sellers:

It seems to be the same one referred to on this forum in other postings. It also appears to be the only thing out there that can come close to the original style rolled inner lip for the grommet. - Any comments on this tool would be helpful.

Is it close enough to the original to make it worth using?

In one of the tool sellers photos it looked like the Outside of the vent was being rolled by the tool.
I watched the video here where a speed gun is used to turn the bolt - it seemed that the prerolled end of the grommet was on the outside and that the tool simply presses and rolls the inside. Is this correct?

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