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Old 12-20-2011, 04:58 PM
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Default Need info on these..I just bought in the USA

I just purchased a used set of SV drums. Until now I had never heard of them. I tried searching the internet (USA) and found absolutly nothing. My guess is they are a recent production, possibly from either Spain or Sweden.

The tom mount on the base drum is unusual. It allows for sliding the tom riser toward or away via a track that the receiver is clamped in. The tom riser does not extend down into the base drum. It inserts into the moving part of the base by about 50mm. the riser has a telescoping section that allows for tom height adjustment.

It seems that a part is missing from the tom mount. the riser tube has a memory lock clamp as a depth stop, but the jamb screw in the base section that clamps the riser tube to the riser base mount is missing the peice that would actually press/clamp on the riser tube.

I would like to purchase the original missing part if possible. In the mean time I can fabricate a suitable substitute that will make the clamp work.

I got a killer deal on these and love the size and finnish - I think this will be a keeper.

Any info or links regarding 'SV drums' would be helpful

some other details on this SV drums kit:
high quality wrap in BDP
cast hoops
cast tom suspension mounting parts
low mass lugs
cast bass drum spurs (20"x18" bass)

close up of tom mount on bass drum:

The kit as purchased:

More Pics Here:

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