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Old 01-23-2013, 03:38 PM
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Default Re: Vintage Paiste

Originally Posted by slingerland View Post
Mountainman you sure have a collection of cymbals, I hesitate to ask how many in your inventory. wish you lived near chi town would love to see a collection like that in person.
Probably 30 keepers. I have been working on it for a while and now am very very content with the sets I've put together. There are essentially three sets with options:
-Paiste B8 rock set,
-mostly avedis set
-jazz set with Istanbul K and Lauristens

then the ones I want to let go of, and a pile I intend to mod, but I'm not sure if I'll get to them, I have too much other stuff to do!
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Old 01-23-2013, 03:49 PM
mountainhick mountainhick is offline
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Default Re: Vintage Paiste

Originally Posted by Drummerjohn333 View Post

I would love to hear more about heat treating cymbals. Is this possible to do without hammering? Can brightening these (404s is what I am discussing here more than anything) be done simply by cooking them in the oven?

The max is 550 F in my oven.

I am quite happy with my 404 SE top over an Amir (1stgen) bottom, which is high pitched. At the same time, the 404s tone could use some brightening. They are already thin, and I have been taught that the thinness is what has given them their darker/warmer tone as well as their softness. Since they are already thin, I would not want to do any more hammering, especially since I have no way to do controlled hammering and I have read many horror stories about home hammering completely ruining the sound of a cymbal. One would immediately wonder about damaging any finish on these when heat treating. If you really don't care about that, I suppose you would be golden.

First a disclaimer, I am not expert in this stuff, just a hobbiest, and my comments are just from what I've leaned in my own work.

I am referring to using a torch, not oven.

This is only for B8 alloy. it would destroy B20.

Yes it also destroys any applied finish. So does lathing. Doesn't bother me, I prefer patina, grime, heat coloration, age etc to shiny lacquered cymbals anyway.

When hammering B8, it is easy to hammer enough that the overall sound becomes dull and lifeless. This is actually expected and some of it passes over time when the cymbal rests after hammering, but heating helps recover brightness.

And yes, if you mod cymbals you run the risk of destroying them. I sure have ruined a few!

Yes, the 404's are thin. I think part of the reason they were a lot cheaper was the gauge of the bronze sheet metal used was quite a bit thinner than the higher lines. Just supposin'
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