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Old 04-16-2017, 07:20 AM
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Default Re: I did a test of 5 different ways to remove yellowing from a WMP wrap . . .

By the way, are you going to the NYC Cutting room floor 100th BR Birthday celebration?
Here's a link to the event. Am trying to talk my wife into it.
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Old 04-16-2017, 10:18 AM
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Default Re: I did a test of 5 different ways to remove yellowing from a WMP wrap . . .

THANKS Mitch/DTF! Always enjoy your thoughts and comments!


Ya ... that BR collection would be mine! You know, it would be relatively easy to display/present at the CT Drum Show as it's only about 30 miles away from me!, but ... it's too small. By small I mean the venue is too small, not the show itself. I've been attending the CT show since it was in it's 1st location, which by the way, WOULD be large enough in that it was more open than where it is now. The thought crossed my mind though, but again, just not enough room. Regarding Buddy and Trixon/VOX:

YES! ... 1967 was a busy year for him drum wise. Once CBS bought Rogers and had no interest in backing Buddy's big band/recordings, as everyone well knows, Buddy said F*** Y**!, and split Rogers. Trixon/VOX saw an opportunity to put their brand on the map, and were the first to offer a CASH STIPEND for playing their drums. Buddy jumped at the chance!, and thus started his Trixon/VOX endorsement .. however .. it would only last a mere 6 months! Buddy was NOT happy with the drums. He WAS very happy with the money!, but didn't like the drums, and that was enough to make him leave and go over to ... Fibes! In the back part of 1967 he played a full set of Fibes COF. He never had a Fibes logo on his bass drum reso head though, just his BR shield. There aren't a lot of pics with the full Fibes set, but there is a better than decent amount of film/video. Fibes did NOT offer any money, and there was no endorsement per se. Bob Grauso built that set for Buddy though, and from what I was able to research, gave them to him. Buddy absolutely LOVED the Fibes SFT/COF snare drum, but HATED the bass drum and toms. He stated that he thought they sounded "thin and lifeless". Rare is it that I disagree with Buddy, but he is quite mistaken there! Anyway ... he played the Fibes up until Slingerland ponied up some CASH and an attractive endorsement deal in 1968. Buddy was now with Slingerland, and there he would stay until 1978!, although there were some "bumps in the road", and it was the Fibes SFT690/COF snare drum causing most all the trouble.

Regarding the BR autographed drum head: That is a Ludwig 14" Medium Coated. I have a couple BR autographs, but this is the nicest. The head was presented to Buddy right side up, but he spun it around and signed it upside down!

YES!, know about the BR BB gig on the 29th in NY, and wish I could go! I have a Sinatra Show that night, otherwise I would! If there is another opp, I'll be there!

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