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Old 12-21-2016, 02:20 PM
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Default Brass vs. Wood 20ply vs. Hybrid Snare Drum??

Hi guys,
this is Richard from Barcelona.

I would like to order a new GOOD snare drum,
but I'm a bit confused, so was hoping you could help me out!
I have a 14'x6' Pork Pie Curly Maple snare drum, probably 6 plies, but I need more body, power and projection.

I have 3 main options for the shell:
A. 3 mm brass one
B. a 10-20 ply maple/cherry/bubinga vented one.
C. Hybrid one (brass and maple) Do you do this kind of drums?

Size: 14x6,5.
Hoops: Die cast.

Since Im into Alternative Rock/Hardcore Punk,/FunkMetal/ 90's-2000's music, snares I love are the ones from: Velvet Revolver, Blink 182, Living Colour, 24-7 Spyz, Limp Bizkit, kings x, papa roach, pearl jam, etc.

The question is: which difference I will notice from those two kind of shells?
I would need some suggestions from the ones you have!

3 examples:
nathaniel townlsey drummer solo (MAPLE):
24-7 spyz:

As far as I can hear, I like: bright. open sound, but with body.

(Some snare drums with body I like: King's X, Velvet Revolver, Blink 182, Limp Bizkit, Rage Against the Machine (which curiously they use OR brass OR maple shells with looots of plies (limp bizkit is using 40, blink 20 vented, eric from KISS is using 10, etc.); velvet revolver, blink also another snare drum and rage against the machine are using bell brass snares. )

Thanks so much guys,
Please take care,
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Old 12-21-2016, 03:01 PM
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Default Re: Brass vs. Wood 20ply vs. Hybrid Snare Drum??

Forget the thick ply with vents and don't bother dropping the coin on a DW Edge or similar 'hybrid' snare. Considering you said you want it to sound open with body I'd also not worry about finding something with die cast hoops. Depending on your budget you could go after a Black Beauty or try finding an old Slingerland Krupa Sound King COB, most are 5" but there are a few 6.5" floating around (not sure if they're labelled differently). Also worth taking a look at are Rogers Powertone COB (like the Krupa, mainly 5" but 6.5" are out there), Rogers Super Ten (steel version of the Powertone) and the classic, albeit drier, Supraphonic and Acrolite. There's also the Japanese offerings like the 70s Pearl Jupiter COB and 80s Tama Imperialstar/Mastercraft models. If you can handle frame/parallel snare strainers you can take a look at Rogers Dynasonics, Ludwig Supersensitives and Tama King Beats. Or even look at a modern Black beauty imitation or standard Pearl COB. But I'd start at the top of this list and work down...
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