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Old 06-09-2019, 08:25 PM
DrumBob DrumBob is offline
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Default Another Delusional Crack Smoking Seller

$1971 for this? Granted, the set is in nice condition, and there are Zildjian cymbals included, but still?

Nearly $2000 plus shipping for a stencil set? I think not.
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Old 06-09-2019, 10:08 PM
kdg kdg is offline
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Default Re: Another Delusional Crack Smoking Seller

I really don't get the "hip-ness" and intrigue with the older MIJ stuff, but then
I'm also not really into in a Yugo with whitewalls and a burled walnut dash either.
But to each, his/her own......

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Old 06-10-2019, 06:35 AM
levelpebble levelpebble is offline
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Default Re: Another Delusional Crack Smoking Seller

Let me play devil's advocate for a moment.

The seller has an incredibly nice, 'name-brand' MIJ kit. You can't call that kit your average, every-day stencil. It has lineage directly from Star to Tama. It may appeal to Tama collectors (which is a growing market, and of which I certainly am a member), and also Rogers collectors as Star was definitely trying to mimic - just look at those swan-leg stands.

As for price? As you pointed out, the Zildjians are a nice bunch. What's the retail on the set if sold individually? $500?

I applaud the seller for trying to find the top of the market rather than listing it to sell quickly. Why shouldn't we as collectors/restorers not try to find the top? I agree, the price is too high, but how much too high? Obviously the seller just came up with the price of $1971 to reflect the year of the kit.

I would rather have a lot of wiggle-room to negotiate; yes, this gentleman has plenty of room to Hula all over the place.


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Old 06-10-2019, 07:40 AM
jaghog jaghog is offline
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Default Re: Another Delusional Crack Smoking Seller

As we find lesser quality drums and pies that end up being the only thing for sale out there this is what happens when the occasional nice kit becomes available

In another decade those stencil kits will become museum sets the only way you’ll see them is behind glass as a exhibit
I’m just saying it’s almost already that way with decent Ludwig a good others of that time period
Oh boy I’m too old to for this ahh the good ol days
1968 pink champagne holly wood and downbeat snare, and , supra same year very minty kit old pies

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Old 06-10-2019, 10:21 AM
Trilok_Gurtu Trilok_Gurtu is offline
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Default Re: Another Delusional Crack Smoking Seller

I have many vintage MIJ kits (one of my Star kits is in the gallery section), and belong to numerous vintage MIJ groups. That price is insane. Even by Reverb standards.
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Old 06-10-2019, 12:02 PM
idrum4fun idrum4fun is offline
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Default Re: Another Delusional Crack Smoking Seller

I tend to agree with the three above posts, with a few exceptions. Yes, it is an incredibly clean set of transition Star-to-Tama drums. The included hardware package, also very clean, just adds to the price. Here's my exception; while the Zildjians are clean and period correct, I feel they're honestly too good for the kit and should be offered separately. That's not to say that the cymbals don't compliment the kit, but that prospective buyers, IMHO, are not concerned with the cymbals. They just want the Star kit and hardware.

As to price, yes, I do feel it's more than most are willing to accept. Still, the seller may just be testing the waters and will negotiate...within reason. I'd drop the cymbals, offer them separately and negotiate a fair price for the kit. Honestly, though, I can see this kit going for up to $1000 to the right person. The kit is in phenomenal condition!

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Old 06-10-2019, 03:24 PM
salty 1322 salty 1322 is online now
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Default Re: Another Delusional Crack Smoking Seller

Agree with Mark 100%. I collect and play with vintage stars around this era. Great drums but, still we have to be realistic.
Just a drummer who loves all things about vintage drums! Nothing more, nothing less.
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Old 06-10-2019, 03:34 PM
neorich05 neorich05 is offline
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Default Re: Another Delusional Crack Smoking Seller

The condition is fantastic. I've seen hardware sets for sale in decent conditions and some shell sets with rare wraps. This takes the cake though but the price is indeed too much. I wonder how much it would get sold for.
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Old 06-10-2019, 04:14 PM
grantro grantro is online now
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Cool Re: Another Delusional Crack Smoking Seller

Here are pics and a copy of the listing for future reference:

The most complete collector's grade Royal Star 5 pc. drum set I've ever been able to offer. You get everything you see here. The entire kit is 100% authentic, original Royal Star made in Japan by the Star Hoshino Company in 1971. The kit consists of a 20 X 14 bass drum, 12 X 8 rack tom, 13 X 9 rack tom, 16 X 16 floor tom and the matching 14 X 6 snare. Everything about this kit is mint condition, no defects, no wear on the wrap, no pitting or rust on the chrome. This is an absolutely spectacular specimen that any vintage MIJ drum fan would proudly call their finest and most complete set.
 Along with the 5 drums you get the 1971 Royal Star bass drum pedal, the 1971 Royal Star Hi Hat, (2) 1971 Royal Star cymbal stands, the Royal Star rack tom key and the Royal Star drum key and the Royal Star drum throne. Awesome vintage legs on the stands really make them stand out and look very retro cool.
 The set comes ready to play with Evans hydraulic heads and sounds amazing... punchy, bright and deep but if you just want to own this beauty as a display (I'm telling you, it's a sight to behold) I am also including the full set of Royal Star stamped heads from 1971 for you. The only casualty with the heads in 48 years was the original Royal Star branded snare batter head. It must have ripped sometime during this kits life journey.
 The cymbals included for play ability are all Zildjian USA made vintage 1960's (3 dots) models. You get a pair of 14" Zildjian hi hats, a 16" Zildjian crash, an 18" Zildjian crash and a 22" Zildjian ride. They are true vintage Zildjian and compliment this Royal Star 1971 set masterfully. Again, for the collector/display I am including the original Royal Star cymbals that came with the set when originally purchased in 1971. I'm telling you this set is 100% all original parts and is a fantastic find for any vintage MIJ drum fan. I love this kit! You will love this kit! The most complete set of vintage MIJ drums I have ever owned and now they can be your's for $1971.
 Shipping West of the Rocky Mountains will be more and is negotiable. Thank you so much for checking this listing out.

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Old 06-10-2019, 07:24 PM
idrum4fun idrum4fun is offline
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Default Re: Another Delusional Crack Smoking Seller

grantro! Thanks for copying the ad! I really do like the kit. It's just out of my price range AND I'm done collecting drums! OK, I did just acquire a first generation Slingerland COB Sound King snare drum, but it was in a moment of weakness!!

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