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Nur fŁr Mitglieder!
Old 10-12-2009, 05:58 AM
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Talking Re: Happy 90th Birthday!

1. Extend the pointer finger of your right hand and place the cake knife, point facing in the same direction as your thumb, in between your first and second knuckle. About four or more inches of the cake knife's base will extend toward the rest of the fingers of your right hand.

2. Pinch the cake knife between your right thumb and pointer finger by placing the ball of your thumb against the back of the cake knife while curling your right pointer finger down. Anchor the cake knife between the first and second knuckles by this joining of the thumb and pointer finger. This completes the first or front fulcrum of your cake knife hold.

3. Wrap the bottom three fingers of your right hand around the bottom of the cake knife. Bakerís describe this as being a "graceful" hold which is relaxed and not too tight.

4. Create the bottom fulcrum with the pinkie of your right hand as you hold the cake knife. This last fulcrum will combine with the first to help you consistently control the cake knife as you cut with it in your right hand.

5. Practice holding the cake knife in your right hand in the manner described above until it feels natural. Keeping the bakerís description of "graceful" in your mind will help you to maintain a controlled, yet relaxed hold of the cake knife.
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