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Old 03-06-2020, 06:35 PM
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Default Re: 60's Original Gretsch Round Badge 18" 12" 14" + snare in WMP.

Hi Bob,

This sets in that great condition and all original usually fetch those high prices.. I have seen varios similar sets sell for this price or even more.
About adding the shipping costs in your counts..In the side of the ocean where I live I've always payed big shipping prices and usually duty taxes, but that's my responsibility. This is the buyer responsibility usually when you buy big stuff like a drumset.
Anyway, like I said in the post, my friend (the seller) is open to serious offers, so if somebody think that this price is high he always can make an offer.

This set was bought from Lucciano, like I said in the post, he was well known as a reputable dealer of vintage drums and cymbals (mostly Gretsch and Old K's) here in Europe.

Here I post a link to a similar set that Steve Maxwell is selling, he is asking much more than my friend.
60s Gretsch RB 20/12/14 Burgundy Sparkle
60s Gretsch RB 18/12/14 Silver Glitter
60s Gretsch RB bass drum 16x12 Silver Glitter
60s Gretsch RB COB 4160
60s Rogers Holiday 14x5'5 in Steel Gray Ripple
50s Gretsch RB 14x5'5 MBP
39/41 Gretsch Gladstone 3-Way Tension 14x6'5 Dark Mahogany finish
38/42 Slingerland RK 14x6'5 Sparkling Green.
1936 Leedy Broadway Standard 14x5 WMP
Old Zildjian K's
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