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Old 03-22-2015, 06:52 AM
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Default Re: Cleaning & Repairing calfskin heads

Thanks for the suggestions. I don't plan on playing the drum but the heads are in very bad shape. They are actually cracked near the ring without a lot of material to work with on the one side. I would consider replacing if it didn't have my high school name painted on the one side.
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Old 12-11-2017, 10:16 PM
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Default Re: Cleaning & Repairing calfskin heads

Old thread bump but, today I received a vintage 14" AMRAWCO Standard Calf head. It is a bit thicker and has no rips, holes nor separation from hoop. It did have some stick marks and one dime size brownish stain on the playing surface that was not visible from the other side of the head. After placing the head on my Gretsch 4160 COB snare I loosely mounted the die cast hoop and finger tightened the the lugs and made sure everything was nice and even. THen I gave a half turn with the drum key to each lug screw to take out most of the slack in the head. Then what I wanted to do was to lightly dampen the head so it could slowly stretch into position and form a good collar while drying the next day or so. What I used to dampen the head was a Mr Clean magic eraser pad dampened with warm water. Holy smokes that cleaned the top of the head up right away with hardly any effort. I stayed away from whats left of the original logo but the stick markings and small stain came right off. Im sure If I'd used a damp cloth or regular sponge pad I would have had to scrub and scrub to get it this clean and I didn't want that. Anyow, just passing this Magic Eraser tip along.
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