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Old 03-27-2006, 05:55 PM
gazzelloni gazzelloni is offline
Join Date: Mar 2006
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Default FS: orange sparkle custom bop sized set w/ snare & bags

hello everyone. i'm a new site member and a fellow cymbalholic as well!

just throwing this out there before i put 'er up on ebay.
i have TONS of pics that i can and will email to anyone who asks, just give at least half a day 'cause i work full time and gig/practice full time.

i bought a new set and as much as i love this gretsch-like set i have to sell it break even and empty out my small city apartment.

please email me at
i will check back here but i check my email more often.

this set is new (made in '04), i'm the original owner and it's been loved and treated well.

for those who know who Lee Ruff is, he made this set. he's a close personal friend and "partner" to Roberto Spizzichino of Spizzichino Cymbals Factory in Italy. Lee resides in Pennsylvania.

he loves gretsch and models his "Jaz" sets, as he calls them, after gretsch RB's.

let me explain.....
i'll probably update this again just so everyone knows....
feel free to be picky and specific w/ any and all of your ?'s

- orange sparkle crushed glass glitter nitron wrap
- 13x18 bass / 13x14 floor / 8x12 5-lug tom / 6x14 8-lug snare
- 6 ply Keller shells w/ a vintage style more rounded hand done bearing edge
- NO reinforcement hoops
- die cast hoops
- gretsch style lugs
- gretsch style spurs
- painted silver on the inside
- yamaha bass/tom mounting hardware, simple and easy
- Levy's drum bags
- calf skin heads for bass
- calf head on snare side
- aquarian modern vintage med. on top / thins on bottom
- extra triple flange hoops for toms only, they came from a gretsch i owned previously

that's the basics.
asking $1950 and am willing to bargain w/ shipping cost etc etc.
i just wanna sell it to someone who wants it.
i'm easy and honest to work with.
thank you everyone

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Old 04-02-2006, 10:43 PM
gazzelloni gazzelloni is offline
Join Date: Mar 2006
Posts: 2
Default Re: FS: orange sparkle custom bop sized set w/ snare & bags

i put 'er up on ebay.
i lowered the price to $1600.00 and started the auction with this price.
thanks everyone.
i appreciate this site and everyone's time.
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