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Old 05-13-2018, 07:42 AM
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Default Re: Question regarding re-wrapping and old glue

Originally Posted by Jkilpatrick View Post
Hi all,

In the midst of re-wrapping some Sonor Teardrops. Getting the wrap off the floor tom was a pain - it was a really poor glass glitter wrap that basically disintegrated.

Now there is a super-thin really really dry layer of the old contact cement all over the tom, and its a bit rough to the touch. I have been trying to remove the goo by softening it up first with acetone and scraping with a dull chisel, and its taking a heck of a long time. I noticed that when I wipe the old contact cement down, the roughness disappears and the surface remains slightly tacky.

Is it possible to "key" this surface with acetone and re-apply contact cement and the new wrap? Or is this not advisable?

My tried and true method over the last 30 years or so is using a small hand finishing plane. A good quality plane with a real good quality high carbon steel blade is important. I take the blades edge up 15,000 grit using Shapton water stones. Taking it up to 15,000 polishes the edge beautifully, and is scalpel sharp. I set the blade ever so slightly just to take the glue layer off. I run the plane on a slight angle, planing vertically on the shell. This method removes the residual very fast, and no mess. I never use any thinners or adhesive removers. I don't want the slush entering the pores of the wood. After the shell is completely planed, I hand sand with 220 grit paper. I use a tack cloth after the 220 stage is complete. I then do my final sanding with 320 paper. Use the tack cloth once again. The key to this method is a very sharp, highly polished blade. Using this method, you can cut the time in half and have a beautifully prepped shell. If you feel you're not able to sharpen the blade properly, find a good local woodworker who makes furniture, and have him sharpen the blade for you. DO NOT USE THE BLADE OUT OF THE BOX. It's not even close to being sharp and polished.

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Old 05-16-2018, 05:34 AM
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Default Re: Question regarding re-wrapping and old glue

Sorry it took so long to get back to this. The stuff I use is called Bio Breakdown. It's a citrus based adhesive remover. Tested on a piece of 50's Gretsch wrap. I put a rag over it to keep the glue area saturated. Let it sit like 20 min and could rub the glue off with the rag and fingers. No damage to the wrap what so ever. Heavy citrus smell though.


Not a guru just havin fun with some old dusty drums.
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