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Old 05-24-2006, 09:42 PM
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Default May 24, 2006 - Update

Well, needless to say the updates have been thin and the projects have been growing. I set aside one day this weekend to devote to the web sites. In that time I can really take a chunk out of the new stuff I want to add.

Here is what I have acquired from the drum show, Ebay and coming in from different sources and contacts.

60's Sonor color swatches
1972 Fibes Catalog
1960 and 1965 Leedy Catalogs
1955 WFL catalog
1960 John Grey Catalog
1963, 65, 67, 50 and 55 Slingerland Catalogs.
2 60's plastic zildjian stickers
16 photo set of the Zildjian Cymbal Set Ups
1969 Zildjian Cymbal Set-Up Small
1969 Zildjian Cymbal Set-Up Large
The End Zildjian Brochure
1960 Zildjian Cymbal Glossary
1970 Cymbal Facts for Zildjian Flyer
1970 Zildjian Selection, Use and Care Flyer
Zildjian Graphic Glossary
Zildjian Cymbal History Reprint from 1949
Rack-Em Up Zildjian Flyer
1979 Cymbal Set up small
1979 Cymbal Set up large
1975 Cymbal and Accessory Catalog
1970's Cymbals and Accessories Catalog
1959 Slingerland Catalog
1958 Leedy Catalog
1930's Leedy Roll Off

Plus another 3 or 4 misc articles and magazines. I could not even estimate the time and what gets a full scan or partial scan.

Let's just say that is probably a months worth of work.

All in good fun and if anyone wants to see anything from the list above, twist my arm with a post.

The server changes have been delayed so I will go another route.

Traffic is way up on the sit and we breached 1.5 Million hits for the month.

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Old 06-26-2006, 09:06 AM
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Default Re: May 24, 2006 - Update

in the past i had a brochure (unfortunately i lost it) from zildjian with pictures of cymbal setups and artists from gene krupa , cozy cole, joe jones and lots of others (must have been in the sixties or so) . Can you help me to find such a book or parts of it ? Brochure was in black and white on thick paper quality size approx A4.

sandro estourgie
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Old 06-27-2006, 12:24 AM
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Default Re: May 24, 2006 - Update

Is it the one at the bottom of this page

Click Here


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