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Default Re: That Istanbul K Hi Hat Sound

Originally Posted by OddBall View Post
If you want a "Rolls", have to buy a "Rolls."

If Philly, Jack or Tony stepped off their HH, it would open up about 4 or 5 inches. I say that because that jazz sound comes more from foot than Bronze.

For the most part Philly always stepped his close and held that, then used to "up" motion to change the sound of his hats. Jack, for the most part kept his open and used "down" to change the sound of his hats. Tony, now he kept foot tension on his but with the backs touching and the front open about a quarter or so inch. He was more of a sloshy hat sound.

The sound you seek from the K`s, that`s an artist with a hammer deciding this one sounds just right,...or, these two are good.

I would put the K on top and the fill in substitute on the bottom for stick reasons.

......You did say any input is welcome......
Thanks Oddball - very interesting info. I took your advice and paired the old K with a Paiste Signature Power hat top of similar weight as a bottom hat and they sound sweet. Very crisp but dark sounding. Very nice foot chick as well.
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