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Default That Istanbul K Hi Hat Sound

Hi there - I need some advice please.

I own an intermediate stamp 14" Istanbul K cymbal weighing around the 1200g mark. I've been looking for years for a lighter old K 14" top and have been unable to find one at a price that makes sense (taking into account that shipping from anywhere in the world to South Africa is very pricey).

I'm looking for that dryish, woody, dark old K sound but it seems as if I may have to compromise somewhere. I own various 14" hi hats - mainly Paiste 602, 2002 and Signature, and a set of A Custom Hi hats.

The 3 tops that I own and that I have identified that may possibly work with the K bottom to produce a sound similar to that "old K" sound would be a Paiste Dark Energy hi hat top (B15), A Custom top (unlikely because ... well, it's an A Custom) or a pre-serial 602 hi hat top.

To those in the know - which of these 3 would you think would resemble the old K sound most closely. The Dark Energy is rather darkish and dryish but is a different alloy - the 602 have mellowed out nicely over the years with nice dark patina and is quite light.

Please bear in mind that I have never played or even heard in person, Istanbul K hats and base my quest on the sounds that I hear on old jazz recordings with Philly Joe Jones, Jack DeJohnette, Tony Williams etc. That dark dryinsh woody sound - I'm sure you guys know what I mean. Yes, I know that I'm probably chasing a pipedream here but its worth a try :-)

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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