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Default Re: What's with the low ballers ?

Like a lot of you, I've been buying and selling gear for years. In my ad's I always price the items at a realistic market value, saves lots of time and haggling. Most buyers can tell when you price an item realistically or not. I also state in my ad's "no low ballers", and I honestly rarely get them...and when I do, I just delete/ignore them, which I also state will be done in my ad's.

- Price fair. Remember, the market dictates the value, not your "time", or personal sentiments. Do your research, see what similar items are priced at, how long it's sat for...are you here to sell, or make that extra 10% after sitting on it for a year. Most people won't pay 'Reverb' pricing.

- Don't take it personal. "It's just business"...correct, remember that. It's not like that person tried to insult your Mom. Toughen up.

- State your terms up front. Be clear, concise and thorough. Examples; no shipping (local pick up only), no Pay Pal, no ballers (will be deleted with no response), etc etc.

- Rarity/quality doesn't always equal higher value. Look at vintage Premier stuff, again, the market speaks.

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