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Default Re: Where is introduction part of forum?

Hey guys, looks I'm the first newbie that's posted here in awhile!

New to the site, and new to drumming as well. I'm turning 60, yup, I said 60(!) in another week and I decided its finally time to play the drums. Its a bug that's never left me since I was young, but I grew up in an apartment and mom and dad said, "play the guitar instead son, its quieter". Well, I did and I became an ok guitarist, but the drums always called. So I just bought a pretty little MIJ Norma kit in sparkle red. From 67 I believe, so its vintage like me but in better shape! I'm learning a lot here already, for instance, I had no idea what MIJ even meant 2 weeks ago or that there were so many out there!

I also have no idea where this will take me, nor do I have any great expectations, I guess I just want to have a little fun and scratch that itch...finally!

Anyway, great forum and glad to be here!
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