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Originally Posted by DaddyNowhere View Post
Your 'third' Bollero kit, and you've not come to me for a logo yet... fellow Canadian, and MIJ enthusiast?

I don't think that I've sold ONE of these suckers yet - have had a notice on my listing, (for months) suggesting I revise my listing as there have been no sales in the last 16 months. I'm relying on you guys to help keep this logo venture afloat, and if things aren't selling...
Very nice looking kit by the way, (deserves it's own identity, don't you think?)
I believe i may have ordered a vintage Pearl logo from you a while back for my vintage Pearl President kit that never got to me on time because i had sold it before i received the logo..But don't worry, it wasn't your fault..I had my guitar player order it for me through his wife's ebay account.. Unfortunately for me, he's a serious procrastinator. I got it from him a month after he got it.. I gave him a serious verbal bashing for that one ! LOL ! . Now i've got it, still in it's a original packaging, collecting dust, or at least until i find a vintage Pearl stencil kit to go with it, or until someone up here needs one ..
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