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Default Cleaning up 70s Bonzo type kit

Got these a while ago and sold them and recently got them back. They weren't too shabby to begin with as the before picture shows but after I re-aquired them I decided to work on the pieces most in need of attention, the rack tom and the bass drum. These are original series Vistalites in 14x26, 14x10, 16x16 and miraculously an 18x16 from the same era I found separately on Ebay. No cracks or breaks anywhere. I did not get the tom holder for the bass drum but I wouldn't be using it anyhow. It dates the kit and makes it not exactly a Bonham kit but it sounds great never the less. To clean and polish I used Novus #1 and #2 and some new auto store microfiber rags. Novus #2 is also great for slightly pitted chrome hardware BTW! Just miraculous products for drum finishes and was fun and easy to use.
Untitled by Rick S., on Flickr

Untitled by Rick S., on Flickr
Untitled by Rick S., on Flickr
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