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Default Re: Nov 7, 2010 - History

Originally Posted by Webmaster View Post
I'm not sure many of you realize I have TONS of history about vintage drums that has never been shown.

My life has been dedicated to show that history to the world on these web sites and I will be getting back to that very soon.

I have been trying to make things happen on business levels to provide revenue to pay the bills which takes all of my time.

Just recently I scanned 50 photos and slides from the Ludwig collection from the photo shoot that WFLIII he did called the "Stable of Stars" when he was at Ludwig. Amazing stuff! Wouldn't you all love to see famous drummers eating KFC on an old Buick?!

I also have 1,500 or more photos, negatives of the Slingerland collection that are yet to be documented.

Then another 1 or 2 thousand Ludwig photos and historical documents yet to be scanned and put on the Internet.

The forum is great place to document the history with important posts and historical gathering by sharing information and building upon it.

There will be even more changes in the near future to dissect the dynamic going on here and remove the problem sections.

Expect more sections to be closed and moved to other locations to handle that content.

If the forum is focused more on historical content, it should help nurture a more fruitful environment.

As it happens I will update this section and close it.



These sections are up for removal and other locations will be set up to handle the content:

Video Center
Wanted to Buy
For Sale
General Questions and Topics
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