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Default Re: Cymbal Ink and the Evolving Understanding of Weight

And my first attempt to apply similar weight classes to Paiste 602 and Sound Creation 22" cymbals is here.

In the 22" diameter there aren't really any Paper Thin cymbals or Ex. Thin. Cymbals with the THIN ink are Thin, and the reissue THIN CRASH falls in the THIN weight range. In the preserial era Thin Crashes are in the weight category called that, but the later Black Label period has Paper Thin falling in the Thin Crash category just over the category edge. Medium Rides are medium ride weight class, until the reissue period when they are Heavy weight class (but just over the line). Note that for Paiste the designation Medium is different and lighter than Medium Ride. A Paiste Medium ride is a Medium Heavy by Old A standards. Extra Heavy cymbals don't appear until the Sound Creations (1978) when the heaviest of the Dark Rides get over the 3500g mark, but only just.

The Sound Creation cymbals have Thin weight class Dark Chinas, Medium Ride weight class Dark Flats and Medium Dark Rides. Dark Rides are Heavy weight class as expected, and Bell Rides are a little heavier then the Dark Rides. Some models straddle the weight category boundaries. The adaptation of the Zildjian based weight classes isn't great. The category boundaries don't seem to in quite the right places.
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