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Default Re: Ludwig Carl Palmer Venus Snare drum UPDATE

You know, there won't be a re-design needed, if they just assembled the drum correctly. If you look, the snare side hoop is not lined up correctly. On drums with top/bottom lugs, the batter hoop is the one that has to be offset. Meaning, I would disassemble the drum and reassemble it in the following manner:

The lugs that hold the tension rods for the batter side, should now hold the tension rods for the snare side, and vice versa.

This will align the cutout in the snare side hoop so that the snare cords are free on each side. Then, I'd use a thinner weight cord so when you tune the drum, you aren't "pinching" the cords against the hoop and snare bed (the reason why they snares don't release when "off". Not sure the nuts attached to make a "stop" before the lug will allow you to tune the snare side head appropriately.

But then again, this could have been fixed by using a die-cast hoop with a drop gate....
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