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Default Re: Removing surface scratches from a vintage Paiste Giant Beat?

Originally Posted by PWindows878 View Post
What would be the best cleaner/polish to remove surface scratches from a vintage Paiste Giant Beat? I heard from someone that liquid Brasso would do the job? Any opinions or info would be great! Thanks! Phil Cormier Leominster, Ma 01453
If the scratching is widespread enough then my first thought is to not worry about it. You wouldn’t want to risk damaging or losing the patina. You can’t replicate 50 years of mellowing and refinement of sound.

If the scratches are small, just chalk it up to being an instrument that’s a half-century old. It’s not going to be perfect.

Currently looking for a 3-ply 24x14 Ludwig in champagne sparkle w/rail consolette and cymbal mount!

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