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Default Re: Vintage W&A Kit Restoration

Originally Posted by Purdie Shuffle View Post
Cheeses, Mary & Joseph, the thread just went over 10,000 reads!!! Must be a lot of guests/non-VDF members checking it out. Blew my mind when I saw the number. I wouldn't have thought that so many people are interested in vintage drum restoration. I know 'some of us' are, but 'thousands?' Boggles the mind. Now I feel like I'm 'on-stage!'


You are on stage with this one! I'll bet Google searches for "W&A" are directing a bunch of drummers to this site (maybe our little community will pick up a few new members). I've been one of these "lurkers" on this thread so far, and like everyone else, I'm holding out for the big reveal! I know you won't disappoint. An outdoor shot of the full set in the sunlight would be ideal if the temperature permits. I can't wait.

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