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Originally Posted by jda View Post
That's a Picture of my dad's place around 1971 .

We had a family dealership from 1948- 2018.
New Fiat dealer there in that pic. I can see new 1971's (I was 16) and the Avanti out front; he always had a few; In 1953-56 he was a Packard Service center ( hence the later Studebaker connection)

Fiat was a franchise he took in 1966 (1966 lasted until 1982) That picture looks like Fall of 1971.

Anyway I'll tell ya a story. When Fiat (the Italian company) began in earnest in America it needed a distributor. In steps Franklin Roosevelt Jr. Fiat-Roosevelt Motors was the nationwide name.

The building you see in the picture (still stands today- sold to another business) FDJ Jr. visited -personally- every new (grand opening) Fiat Franchise in 1966.

So naturally he stopped there. There he is- FDR Jr. signing a (hard cover Fiat History) book (I still have) with my Dad to his right. On the hood (frunk) of an 850 Sedan in the showroom of the building in the picture). In Jeannette Pa.
And a picture doing a deal (actually even trade in 67 Cad Convert for new 124 S)

Ya I kinda knew that was an old pic. Those cars gave it away. I never used to repair foreign cars but today they are so numerous you lose if you don't. I'd rather work on those cars in the pic than anything today. They may be "throw a tool" cars, but much better than electronic this and that. 70 years, he did everything right. Car dealers change like the weather in New England.
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