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Default Re: Star snare drum 'Super Strainer No.940' buildup

Hello teverson-sr and Mark,

Thank you very much indeed for taking care of my 'small' prob.

@teverson-sr: it's hard to see in the pic, but the 'ribbon' is a flat clear plastic band (you may see the reflexion of it in the casing, to the outside).

@Mark: your assistance is simply outstanding.
Your first pic showed in a tiny detail one difference to my mounting: the lever's bottom part shows to the knob - and not to the shell (like in my drawing).

Originally Posted by idrum4fun View Post
Something else I noticed on your strainer is that the handle appears to be inserted into another tube. Is that correct? Look at my handle and you'll see the difference.
Good eye on that!
Indeed, the handle was from (wrong?) usage deeply carved by the cutout - the cut is going almost half through the handle now and I've put a small protecting metal sheet in tube-shape over the cut.

I'll reassemble my strainer in short and hopefully it will be working well again. I'll let you know.

Thanks again so much.

Cheers, Ralf
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