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Default Re: Camco - what might this be worth?

Guys, what I am saying is the more rounded style bass drum mounts and rounded post top are from the L.A. era which these drums are likely from... so what's wrong with that?

I have owned a lot of Camco drum sets and I have never seen a Oaklawn era bass drum with a rounded bass drum mount factory installed... only L.A. era.

And I'm 99.9% right saying this CL listing is probably not going to sell due to the interference or education the seller received... the seller now wants more money (okay no problem) but now he's going about it all wrong... which these types of "oh, I just got educated" listings never goes well in the end.

Fyi: I offered him $3,000 cash for the two drums and he wouldn't take it because he said he holding out for higher? Well without a matching 14x14 FT that's about as high I'll go for a L.A. era.
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