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Default Re: 22" 50,s hollow logo Zildjy

Originally Posted by zenstat View Post
The evidence suggests the opposite:

T = Transitional Stamp Era (late 40s early 50s)
L = Large Stamp Era (mid 50s)
S = Small Stamp Era (late 50s)
60 = 60s Stamp Era (60s)
70 = 70s Stamp Era (70s)

More complete story:

You should ask whoever is pushing that story what their evidence is. How large are their samples of completed sales? Have they controlled for the other factors which influence prices (weight, structural condition, surface condition, ad quality, seller reputation, diameter, macro economic conditions)?
By the way you might want to add my son's recently acquired 22" Type II trans stamp to your statistics. It weighs 1900 grams and was purchased from Steve Maxwell's New York store for around $750. While he paid somewhat more than the high end of your range for a 22" trans, i think the combination of the Type II stamp and the very low 1900 gram weight may justify the higher price. This a probably a one of a kind cymbal. Feel free to use the stamp image I've attached.

20190618_154324_DXO - 06-18-19 by mwsilver, on Flickr

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