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Default Re: Rogers Cleveland Bop

Originally Posted by mchair303 View Post
Gorgeous!!! What materials or products did you use to wet sand, buff and polish?

600, 800, 1000, 1200 grit wet/dry sand paper
3M Perfect III power buffing compound on a course foam pad or lambswool pad. The lambswool pad is more forgiving but takes longer as it doesn't build up as much heat as the foam pad . You have to be careful with the foam pad as it can burn the wrap if not kept wet enough or moved cross the shell fast enough.
Then final power buff with black foam pad and Maguires No6 Cleaner/Wax

That is about it other than it takes a long time to do but the results are worth it in the end.

I am in the process of starting another rare Rogers kit that will get the full treatment like this one. It is a 12 x 20 Champagne Sparkle bass drum kit with a 12 and 14 FT. Rare bass drum size.
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