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Default Re: Vintage W&A Kit Restoration

Originally Posted by teverson-sr View Post
Are those tension "tubes" that thread onto a rod?
Yes, I believe so. They are well constructed too. I'll take some interior shots for you as work progresses and you'll see what I'm talking about. The drums look like they were German built and engineered! Rock solid, well-constructed. The shells are a thing of wonder. I can't wait to see some bearing edges.

Does anybody have any info on old Walburg & Auge drums????? I know little, or nothing about the history of these drums. They came with a trap-table by the way that hooks onto the top of the bass drum. It's an amazing kit.

Jeff - I'll let Glenn tell you what he got. It freaked him out! He didn't get to see it until after we split up and he was back on the road again. I covered all his expenses for the day and gave him a really cool gift. He deserves it, big-time.

Too many great drums to list here!

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