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Default Re: The 5 snares every drummer should own-The "Iconic" Snares

I think that I already own the five snare drums that will offer me the sounds I seek for any type of music except for marching band playing. They are: 1) Leedy 5x14 Shelly Manne wood shell; (2) Camco Tuxedo 5x14 wood shell; ((3) Slingerland 4x13 wood shell Radio King; (4) Walberg & Auge Perfection 5x14 wood shell; (5) And, just because I might occasionally want a metal shelled snare drum--Rogers Powertone 5x14 chrome over brass. I would also keep a desperation spare snare drum in the car just in case something bad happens with my choice of drum for the gig along with an extra bass drum pedal and hi-hat stand . That would probably be my 5x14 Blakro Ludwig.
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