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Default Re: Can anyone help me work out the age of this Zildjian cymbal?

Originally Posted by Chromeo View Post
Thanks for confirming that for me, Mike. Would I be right in thinking that if it's a late 50's Zildjian it should be hand hammered? And if so how do the hand hammered Zildjians compare to the later machine hammered ones? Are the differences very subtle or are the hand hammered ones darker sounding? I'm asking because I have never owned a Zildjian pre 70's and I'm still waiting for this one to arrive. The seller is in Canada and it is going to take 6 - 8 weeks to deliver to Europe.
Opinions vary about the importance of the hand hammering on the late 50s A. Zildjians in terms of their overall sonic character. Some would say they are always a bit darker and more complex than post 60s A. Zildjians. Others would say that by the late 50s they are as much machine hammered into shape as hand hammered to finish shaping, thus they begin to reflect more of the sonic characteristics of machine hammering into shape. Others would say it doesn't matter whether a machine held the hammer or a person did, there is just lots of variability.

A light one like you've purchased would certainly be expected to be darker than one from the 80s which is hydraulically pressed into shape prior to hammering.
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