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Default Re: Have You Tried A Restoration Technique That DOESN’T WORK?

Forgot to mention, My kids are all grown and gone and sucessful,
and, I'm not married. I have a fabulous G/F. I had these 2 vintage kits in my closets I aquired by fate. She suggested I display one in the livin room. I started a search for vintage sonor teardrop and ended up here. My brother gave to me. I also have a 68 sky blue pearl that belonged to Cliff, he claimed they were actually ringo starrs actual drums. I play em many a time in his liivin room. He died and I bought em from his son for $600. I will be restoring them someday when tears stop flowing everytime i think about restoring them.

Originally Posted by jonnistix View Post
Ya know, it's gettin' ta where ma eye twitches ever time you post a new pitcher....where the f&$@ do you find these poor, abused drums!!??? And if there cheap, why ain't ya sharin' with us? Another the hell do get any money made when always restoring drums....and runnin' outta room, cuz we know you gotta disease, cuz yer hoardin'!
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