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Default Re: Slingerland Pop outfit 85N resto

Originally Posted by Starship Krupa View Post
Beautiful! I actually like the greening of the wrap. Did it come with the Krupa Sound King snare and the flat base stands?

As for the sloppy re-ring, yeah, I wound up cutting new bearing edges on my 1970ish New Rock 50 because the original edges were so sloppy. Well-made shells, and with the new edges they sound like a million bucks, but before that, they were much harder to tune and had wolf tones.

Perhaps some future drum collector will bemoan the fact that I put my vintage Slingerlands on the router table and cut precise 30-degree edges with a roundover so that they would sound good and be easy to tune. How awful for them.
No I got the snare( “gene” as I call it) about a year ago it’s from around 1968. The set came only with the snare stand and a throne, which ironically are the two pieces I was missing for an entire set of hardware.
I had the stands for my Slingerland built Leedy.

Seeing as I am actually using it as a concert tom set, I’m not worried about the bottom edges. If I do add resonators then originality is out the door anyway.
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