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Default Re: Pics of my restored CB700 kit w/ wrist watch lugs

Originally Posted by Kenwood View Post
Hello ardrummer
Your wristwatch kit looks fantastic
I was wondering did you cut the fabric so that it just meets the collar of the head ?
or does the head ride over the edge of the fabric?

As for durability I expect the vinyl fabric would be very durable and more resistant to lite scratches than conventional drum wrap since they use the same stuff to upholster things like bar stools and restaurant booths.

I rescued these C.B. 700 drums from the curbside trash the original electric blue wraps were scratched to death and filthy with mildew between the wrap and the outer ply.

The chrome bass drum hoops were both beyond help
as was the original bass drum receiver for the missing swiv-o-matic cloned tom arms.

I stripped the wraps (what a filthy mess) including a very stubborn glue strip for the old wrap from each drum, and drilled the shells for 7/8" hardware like yours and then I just put them back together with no treatment to the bare shells so I have a blank canvass of sorts myself here and I really love how your drums turned out GREAT JOB!!
Thanks! Cool that you have some wrist watch drums as well
I cut it the same as if it was a regular drum wrap. The head does go over the material slightly.
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