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Default Re: How Do You Restore A Speed King

Originally Posted by R.Adam McHugh View Post
I know I'm coming in several years too late with this, but I wasn't on here then. Anyway, I posted this on the DFO a little while ago - the pin joining the pedal to the rocker assembly on my Speed King is digging it's way to freedom. Best course of action? I'm thinking to replace the whole rocker assembly. Welding is a possible solution but I don't have the tools or the skills to do it, particularly such a delicate weld. Any thoughts lads?
I got a old one and never saw that before. JC is right about a new pin. To fill the keyhole part, smash a fishing weight down to a pin an tap it into the keyhole after the new pin is in, after a short time, it`ll form itself into a good fit and hold the new pin from using the same escape route.

The knuckle can be found quite easily but now you can take your time.
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