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Default Re: Gretsch Gladstone 3-Way Tension

This snare was made between 1939 and 1941.
60s Gretsch RB 20/12/14 Burgundy Sparkle
60s Gretsch RB 18/12/14 Silver Glitter
60s Gretsch RB bass drum 16x12 Silver Glitter
60s Gretsch RB COB 4160
60s Rogers Holiday 14x5'5 in Steel Gray Ripple
50s Gretsch RB 14x5'5 MBP
39/41 Gretsch Gladstone 3-Way Tension 14x6'5 Dark Mahogany finish
38/42 Slingerland RK 14x6'5 Sparkling Green.
1936 Leedy Broadway Standard 14x5 WMP
Old Zildjian K's
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