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Default Re: 1967/68 Fibes COF Buddy Rich

Originally Posted by Dan Boucher View Post
I note that the Fibes seems to be your go-to-kit for now Tommy. How do you rate the overall experience over your Rogers BR kit or even your Slingerland BR?

They have been!, but there are a few moving parts as to why I guess: I will state for the record that my 1965 Rogers Buddy Rich Celebrity's are still my favorites! I had been playing those pretty much exclusively for years and years, and wanted for nothing else. Then ... these Fibes showed up. What got me .. besides the fact that I have been a fan of Fibes having owned/played them since 1973 .. was that this set was built pretty close to the same time that Bob Grauso built Buddy's. Being in the BR sizes/configuration is also RARE for any Fibes COF set, let alone one that is still 1st generation and in the late 1960's era. Factor in that Buddy's Fibes full set "experiment" was pretty short lived at a mere 6 months, and these become even more unique. After all that, and this probably should have been first, is that they play/sound fabulous! I've been playing Fibes snare drums for over 40 years!, but never had a full set in COF as mine were the clear acrylic Fibes Crytalites back in the day. So ... RARE Buddy Rich model set, great sound, beautiful aesthetics, plus the difference in projection that the fiberglass with a real chromed steel wrap affords, and I've been loving them! The win win for me is I have those '65 Rogers BR Celebrity's just waiting to return too!, so there is no lose. I SOLD the Slingerland's Dan. I was never that knocked out with them truth be told. The Rogers and Fibes are my two favorites for Buddy, followed by Slingerland, and then Ludwig. I SOLD my 1950 WFL Buddy Rich Super Classics two years ago as well.

Here's a quick little demo I did in my drum room so I could hear how this particular Fibes snare drum blended with the rest of the set. I just finished the resto on this snare drum: A 1973 Fibes SFT690/Black FiVel. You don't really see many of those FiVel finished drums as it wasn't all that successful for Fibes. This black one caught my eye, and it needed some TLC .... but came out GREAT! I played this snare drum with the full set for that Sinatra Show I did a couple weeks back and loved it. Anyway, you can hear how articulate the Fibes shells are, and the snare drum speaks extremely well with brushes too, which is important as I play a better than fair amount of brushes on the gigs I play. Hope you might enjoy!


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