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Default Re: Madonna's Drum Line? Guess Who?

Would have been nice to see a top line D&B Corp Drumline, these guys are the best of the best from all the Universities, I played with the Charioteers, a junior corp from Alabama, not sure if they're still in existence. I do know there were some bada$$ guys on the line! The snare line was comprised of guys from the University of Alabama & Auburn University and were truly great players! Funny thing was that none of these guys were worth a pooh on a drum kit! They actually asked me stuff about playing a kit & I was the youngest guy on the line. I guess the old Grass is always Greener theory is true...I wanted to be able to play snare like they did & they wanted to play a kit like I did. LOL! Love hearing a top-shelf snare line & IU's line was the only thing worth a crap in the half time show...I'm sorry, halftime MIME! For once I'd like to see a BADA$$ Drum & Bugle Corp go out there & blow the audience out of their seats! I think if more people were aware of what these guys do they might quit putting embarrassing crap like what we saw on the tele.
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