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Default Re: Ludwig Black Panther

Originally Posted by Ludwig-dude View Post
Just an ....true Black Panther covering is a grained hard acetate (possibly pvc) type plastic wrap covering, not a flexible vinyl like you folks are discussing. It is pretty much made of the same thin wrap base that is used for the satin flame finishes, just a different color and pattern. You may be able to duplicate the look of it, but not the durability (and I use the word with a hint of restraint there, as any of us that own drums finished in black panther know this is a relative term.) As of this writing, I still have yet to get an answer out of anyone from Ludwig that was there when this finish was available as to who the actual supplier was. It would be nice to know if the company is still around to see if they'd be willing to tool up a run of it, but without the knowledge of who produced it for Ludwig, it will repain just a hope & dream I'm afraid.

Now it sounds like you are talking about ABS sheet plastic, the kind used for covering flight cases, like this:
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