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Default Re: Rogers Celebrity - 45 Years Ago!

Originally Posted by jmcohen View Post
I was in a band in the late 70’s called “The Louisiana Purchase.” We played Dixieland in the SF Bay area, and I think we also played at a function sponsored by the ‘Society’ too.

My dad had cataract surgery in the 80’s, and it was no biggie. I’m sure they’ve refined it even more since then. Still, wishing you well!

Hi Josh!
Sounds like you also had a lot of fun with "The Louisiana Purchase"! I found out about the "Society" when I was 16 years old and played drums at a Shakey's Pizza, along with a piano and banjo player. The banjo player said he played at these jazz gatherings and I should attend one. It was fun being the youngest musician there, but I was certainly intimidated by all the seasoned "older" drummers. Now I'm the OLDER drummer! It was an excellent opportunity to learn styles other than rock n roll! This is where I learned about brushes, too!

Thanks for the good wishes with my eye surgery tomorrow. I'm sure I'll be fine!

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