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Default Re: Ludwig 6.5x14" Bronze Snare lm306

Originally Posted by simongeorgiou View Post
Thanks for the reply are you sure it's from early 2000's?
Unfortunately am I the buyer, not the seller.. or was the buyer. The seller advertised this drum to be from 1980, out of production and had a value of double the amount he wanted for it.. and suggested that I could sell it for more in the future if i wished.

I didn't really know anything about the Ludwig badges, so I kinda overlooked it.. and belived it was an "professional" from the 1980.. and paid 370$ + 17$ in transportation. But after researching some more and looking up the badges, I found out that the drum actually is a "beginners" from 1984/90s, and realised that I may have been ripped of.. so I asked for a refound on the same day.
Ludwig's professional series bronze drums did come out in the early 80's. And in 1984 just prior to leaving Chicago they did use bowtie lugs in place of the more typical imperial design on some snare perhaps the seller was confused (or practicing wishful thinking) as to what he had. The badge is the giveaway on this but you kind of have to be a drum geek to know that.

I'm not sure what the going rate for these might be. As I mentioned I saw one for $150 at Music Go Round but that doesn't really mean much as their prices are often way off one way or the other. In this case I think they were at least a bit low which is why I was tempted to buy it...but I already had a B/O badged bronze snare in that size so another would be kind of pointless (not that that usually stops me).

While it is an imported drum it is probably about the highest end model from that group. Also consider what the upper range bronze drums sell for, new and used. I'm not sure I'd have paid $375 for one of these but typically you'd have to shell out quite a bit more for one of the American made bronze drums. I don't have any experience as far as how different (or the same) they sound but they seem to have a good reputation.
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