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Default Re: Zildjian ZXT Titanium hats

Originally Posted by wayne View Post
I will agree for the most part, and I would never buy them for myself, but I personally don't put hats at the same level of importance as rides or crashes. As long as they sound ok I can accept that. I always use hats slightly open or just marking time, and if they can be heard over the band, that's fine with me. On the other hand, I could never justify 4-550 dollar hats. A good ride however is another topic.
Again, it really would depend on the context that you're using them in. For jazz, or for big band, the "right" sound for a pair of hats is very important to me. I don't play too much anymore, but my son gigs pretty regularly and has six different pairs of hats to choose from so he can get just the sound he wants far the particular ensemble, room, and style of music to be played. Three of them are vintage pairs that he got for an excellent price. However, his two pairs of 14" Bosphorus hats, and a pair of 15" Zildjian Keropes were all purchased new in the price range you mentioned. For him the right hats are just as important as the right rides. He plays mostly jazz, big band, musicals, some pop and some rock.

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