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Default Re: Type I,II,III old K s

Originally Posted by jda View Post
Bill and others; check this out; Had come across this story year or so back; Mention is made "of the Big K"...

paragraph 4 in
the big (II insignia to III?) K ...

"Meanwhile in a foundry near Yedikule, Mikael Usta, who had taken up production in the footsteps of Big Kerope, began stamping a large... "

years don't seem to line up but maybe they do ..never read mention of it before..; )
Interesting read. The article seems to skip around 200+ years. Also, understandably since this is a Turkish article, It also fails to mention any details about the business continuing in the US in 1927 as Avedis Zildjian, or the transfer of the ownership of the K .Zildjian brand to Armand in around 1977. There are likely other flaws or misstatements in the article, but I'll leave that to Drumaholic and others to correct.

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