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Default Re: 1960's Keystone 6.5x14 superphonic year made????


I would say that 1964 sounds right! I had a Pioneer snare drum, sn 340xxx, that was a 1966 and a Supra with sn 652xxx that was a 1968. The shell was date stamped NOV 1 1968.

Does your drum have a red felt muffler? That would certainly add to the value. When it come to price, condition is everything. Can you post pictures showing the pitting? Still, the 6.5" Supras, model 402, usually command more $$$ than the standard 5", model 400. I could see your drum being valued at $500+, depending on that pitting.

Hope this helps. I'm sure other more knowledgeable Ludwig members will chime in shortly.

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