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Question Questions about this Majestic Snare????

Picked up this Majestic snare at a yard sale. It was covered in years of grime and dust and missing a couple t-rods, but I thought I could clean it up and give it to one of my students. After getting it home and examining some of the features, I realized that it looks nothing like the Star-made Majestic line I've seen in the past.

First, it has ten lugs. Most of the MIJ snares I've owned had 8 lugs. In place of the usual simple snare strainer/tensioner, it has a beautiful snare throw-off (identical to Tama's CL strainer) and a butt mechanism with tensioner. Also, the tone control knob has a quick-release feature. (see pictures).

After doing some on-line research, it appears that this snare resembles the Tama snares of the late '70s rather than the Star-made Majestics of the '60s. So my question is, after Star became Tama, did Tama continue to make the Majestic brand?

I may end keeping this myself rather than give it to a student. It actually sounds very good. The original Evans All Weather Parade batter head sounds really warm like a calfskin.

Any info on this snare would be appreciated.


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