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Default Re: Bend a Pang to a be like a regular cymbal????

Originally Posted by Drumaholic View Post
But evidently the disagreeing parties here were inadvertently talking past one other by failing to note that you were both talking about entirely different cymbals altogether. (In addition you should know that I agree with your personal assessment on that 22"). So I find myself agreeing with both sides here when proper consideration is given as to which cymbals each side was actually critiquing.

Therefore I am persuaded to conclude, as a relatively neutral observer analyzing this discussion, by thorough application of logic and deductive reasoning, that this disagreement apparently was not the result of any clash of personal opinions, but on the contrary, was in point of fact merely "a failure to communicate".

Know what I mean Vern?
Your a regular Sherlock Holmes.

Some of those reworked cymbals sounded much better than others. I could live with the 18", bit I would never pay anyone to rework a cymbal of mine that I wasn't happy with in hopes that in the end I would somehow get a silk purse from a sows's ear.

The 22" with the rivets that Oddball commented on actually reminds me a bit of a 22" Dream Bliss my son acquired and planned for student use. I didn't particularly care for the riveted 22" either, although I don't express my disapproval as strongly as Oddball does. It reminds me of Chinese made cymbals trying to emulate the Turkish sound with an gonglike wash overlaying the sticking.

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