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Default Re: Vintage Ludwig 3-ply, 12x18 Bop!

Again, please take these musings with a grain of salt because (other than interviewing Roy, himself) I have no way of confirming anything. I actually attempted to try and find a route to contact Mr. Haynes back in the days when I was researching all this stuff...but I was unsuccessful.

Roy Haynes was using Slingerland drums when he came up with the idea to replace the 18 X 14 bass drum's wood hoop and T rods with a floor tom rim and standard lug screws... so Slingerland adopted/adapted the idea and made the Jet kit. It was catalogued in 1964....

...Around 1965-66-ish, Bill Ludwig likely took Roy Haynes out for lunch and proposed the idea of having him as an endorser.....told him they'd make a special sized kit...etc. It must have been a good lunch, because the next thing to happen was that Haynes left Slingerland and the Jet behind, in favor of the Ludwig Jazzette.

The other peculiar thing is that it was really only Roy Haynes who was associated with the Jazzette kit. I don't know of any other significant name that used/endorsed a Jazzette (or a Jet, for that matter!). MOST of the heavy jazz guys who used small "bop" kits, went to Gretsch....and still do!

Bop kits weren't a significant market for the Ludwig or the Slingerland brand. And, as has been mentioned by others, by late 60's and throughout the 70's, bigger drums were the trend.
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