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Default Re: What would make this kit worth $4000???

Originally Posted by Ludwig-dude View Post
I already reported both the CL ad and the ebay ad earlier......

The guy was supposed to have been born in 1957? Awful young looking foot in that first pic if you ask me.....
good for you on the report. i was gonna make a report on the ebay listing but its been so long since ive signed in on ebay, i cant remember my info. was gonna ask him some questions there too. he has been emailing me tho. i asked about the snare again and for any photos he could send and any other info. he replied saying he was getting ready to leave for the day and that he will send more photos in the morning.
you are right about the foot, i didnt really pay much attention to that, but now that you mention it, i took another look and agree.
ya know, i really hate scammers and it makes me sad to think of all the poor souls that have been taken by scammers.
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